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Dissertation Improvement Grants

Corinne Allen

Investigation of the role for inhibition in task switching: A multi-methodological approach

Santiago Alles

Electoral Rules' Change in Latin American Democracies

Pavlos Almanidis

Essays on Heterogeneous Technologies and Market Behavior

Andre Barbe

Efficiency of State Business Taxes

Tiffany Barnes

Gender Quotas and the Representation of Women:  Empowerment, Decision-making, and Public Policy

Mackenzie Brewer

Collateral Damage:  How Household Debt Impacts Child Health and Development

Timothy Chryssikos

Cross-Disciplinary Scientific Collaboration in a Multi-Institutional Setting: The Rice University Biomedical Research Collaborative Center

Mamadou Cisse

The Analysis of Archaeological Materials and Evidence for Trade at Gao-Saney (Mali)

Brian Clark

AMS Dating and Petrological Analysis of Materials from Genata Mariam, Ethiopia

Amy Crook

Training Soft Skills for Interviews:  The Role of Personality and Training Design

Jingyi Geng

Exploring the Neural Networks Underpinning Two Conceptual Relationships

Rebecca Gimbel

Revolutionary Politics and the Haitian Aid Identity: Images of Death, Healing, and Ideology within Bolivarian Medical Aid

Elizabeth Korver-Glen

Under Construction:  Race & Housing in 21st Century Urban America

Rebecca Lundwall

Molecular Genetics and Visual Attention in Children

Larry Martinez

The Effects of Prejudice, Confrontation, and Repair Behaviors in Organizations

William Craig Meddaugh

Estimating Policy Ideal Points of Members of Parliament using the Computer Assisted Content Analysis of Political Speech

Ngoc Phan

Anger in Action: The role of emotion, competition, and threat on mobilization

Laura Resendez de Lozano

What Does it Mean to Become Sustainable? Tracking the Implementation of Sustainability Strategies in a Global Cement Corporation

Ashley Rittmayer

Employee Withdrawal and Turnover: The Effects of Workplace Events

Carolina R. Tchintian

Casting Votes v. Punching Ballots:  On How Ballot Structure Affects Voting Decisions

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